The Regional Darul-Ifta’ in partnership with the 6th Infantry (Kampilan) Division (AFP), conducted the first Islamic Symposium which was participated by groups of Imams, Ustadzes, and Ulamas and other ARMM line agencies together with selected Muslim & Non-Muslim military personnel.

The activity aims to open conversations on the misconceptions and views of Islam on important issues like illegal drug abuse and trade, violent extremism and other relevant subjects like the true teachings of Islam and good governance.

This symposium is very significant with the advocacy of the Duterte Administration in its drive to have a drug and violent free Philippines. This symposium is a good start to continuously partner with other stakeholders strengthens the drive for drug free, violent free and peaceful communities in the areas of the ARMM.

This symposium aims to educate communities and its stakeholders, Muslim and non-Muslims alike,  of the true Islamic teachings to prevent the discrimination and encroachment of the violent extremism in the communities, such as the ISIS, Kidnap for Ransom groups, illegal drugs, and aggression against the government through symposiums led by the Muslim Religious leaders through the Regional Darul Ifta’.

The symposium started with the Invocation led by Ustadz Ismael Ebrahim followed by the introduction of the military personnel who attended the very first Islamic Symposium by G7, 6ID LTC Nasser P. Lidasan. The Executive Director of Darul-Ifta’- ARMM Alim Abdulmuhmin A. Mujahid gave lectures about the definition and characteristic of good governance in Islamic perspective.  Bangsamoro Mufti Ustadz Abu Huraira Udasan lectured and explained the true teachings of Islam.

The participants were encouraged to actively participate in the sessions, discussions and during the open forum questions were raised and answered by the Resource persons.

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