The Regional Darul Ifta’-ARMM has been institutionalized to sustain the moral recovery, peace, reconciliation and unification programs of the regional government. Hence, the Office of the Regional Darul-Ifta’ is obliged to enhance the promotion and maintenance of peace and security in the region in support to the Regional Government’s reform program for the betterment of the Bangsamoro by having competent and reliable Provincial Ulama (Muftis) in the ARMM whom people can see as role models in leading the Bangsamoro to advocating peace and security especially in the present time where trials of different kinds are present of which the help and guidance of the ulama in eradicating or minimizing their bad impacts to the community are indispensably needed. Thus, one way of realizing this goal is by way of selecting muftis in every province of the ARMM since their roles in the communities as religious leaders are great.

The objectives of this programs or activities are to select new Provincial ‘Ulama (Muftis) and their deputies in the 5 provinces of ARMM, i.e. Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao. To strengthen the unity and solidarity of the ‘Ulama across the provinces with the priority objective to attaining peace and security, moral recovery and as role models for the Bangsamoro people.

Ulama of different cities and municipalities in the provinces of Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi gathered to select new provincial Muftis and deputy Muftis of the provinces. After a short introduction from the nominated Ulama about themselves, voting of the New Mufti and Deputy Mufti of the province began wherein the RDI-ARMM was in-charge of convening, organizing and facilitating the above-mentioned program.

  • Provincial Ulama Assembly in Basilan

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